Secret Joy

Snow, rain, snow again, rain.Chill silver air gusts, threatens.Clouds obscure mountains, mist shrouds the river.It is morning in April, grey and dreary. Rushing pattering raindrops on the windows.Warmed by coffee, I cocoon inside,resisting. The storm takes a breath, a lull in the wind.Listen, listen! says the silence. I listen.The birds, unbothered, have retreatedinside the tall … Continue reading Secret Joy

Today’s writing playlist

Yo-Yo Ma: Our Common Nature Have you tried the new Apple Music Classical app? I recently started using it and enjoy its specific categorization and recognition of the different eras and genres, composers, artists, and other criteria. Today was busy with chores and selling Girl Guide cookies with my unit. Afterwards, I walked to … Continue reading Today’s writing playlist

Origin Story

I come from a teenage mother a blue-collar father a small mining town where they don’t know MBA-speak. I come from parents who split up on the wrong side of the tracks in a dirty home in the trailer park and I smelled like cigarettes. I come from love and contradiction shame and abandonment the … Continue reading Origin Story

Edward Arrives

an excerpt from the novel-in-progress/story collection Jupiter Creek Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. – Proverbs 4:23 Present day The streetlamps of Jupiter Creek cast cold white globes of light into the night. They were strategically placed, so the artificial light showcased the public walkways and driveways of … Continue reading Edward Arrives