About me.

I live and work in Castlegar, BC, by choice. This is a lovely city, with several parks and lots of green space.

I’m a professional accountant by day, and creative by night. Writing, music, and fibre arts are my creative outlets. I’m also a former Chemical Engineer. I studied Chemical Engineering and minored in Commerce at UBC Vancouver, graduating in 2003, and went straight to work for Syncrude in Fort McMurray. During my engineering career, I earned the Professional Engineer designation in BC and Alberta, having worked in the oil sands and in pulp & paper. My experiences as an engineer led me to become committed to environmental protection, service to humanity, and gender equity in the workplace.

Having children resulted in the need for flexible work arrangements, and my interest in finance led me to a second career in accounting. I ran my own consulting company for a period of time, doing analytical work and technical writing. During that period I had many articles published, including non-fiction articles for online publications on topics such as professional development, wastewater treatment, career options, taxation, business strategy, and interviews with other professionals. My work has appeared in the Houston Chronicle Chron.com, the Nest.com, Arizona Republic, Intuit’s TurboTax, SFGate Homeguides, STC Canada West Coast Chapter, CheNected, Geez Magazine, and others. I also maintain a blog at WoolWitches.com. My dream job came along in 2014 with Community Living BC, a crown corporation focused on supporting people with developmental disabilities to live good lives. I’ve also studied piano pedagogy with the Royal Conservatory, and ran my own piano studio for five years in Castlegar.

More recently, I’ve become interested in writing fiction, inspired by my work and life experiences and my curiosity about the world and its troubles. These days, I live and work in the beautiful Kootenays, where I was born and raised. I volunteer as a Guider with Girl Guides of Canada, leading the Dove Hill Rangers unit in Castlegar. I’m also the treasurer for the Castlegar community units.



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