February 2018 Studio News

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the longer days and beautiful sunshine (at least, it was sunny until today). Here’s the latest studio news.

Composer of the Month

Not all the composers we’ll learn about are dead! Music, and composing, is very much alive. Chilly Gonzales, aka Jason Beck, is a Canadian pianist and composer who now lives in Germany. His music is available on iTunes etc, and he also publishes written music. Some of his pieces are featured in the current editions of Royal Conservatory repertoire books. Read more about Chilly, and visit the “Gonservatory”, here: https://www.chillygonzales.com/

Watch videos of his performances here (he has a Youtube channel):

White Keys https://youtu.be/s8De5eg1kic

Can you hear the repeating patterns?


MYC students are working on composing our own compositions this month. Let your creative juices flow, and remember to give your piece a title. For more ideas and inspiration on composing your own music, here’s a video by Wynn-Anne Rossi. She’s a composer…soon you may get to play some of her compositions.



Repeats and Patterns (we’ve been covering this in our lessons so far):


2017 Children’s Arts Tax Credit

Apparently, the tax credit is re-instated for 2017 only and then will be discontinued. Tax receipts will be ready by the end of next week.


See you soon,



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