Sunrise News, October 2016

Dear Sunrise Parent,Welcome to the Music for Young Children Sunrise program! Sunrise is an exciting and innovative music program that contains a variety of age-appropriate music and movement activities to allow children to experience the joy of music and develop musically through fun and play. The focus of the Sunrise program is rhythm and singing, and includes three progressive levels of 10 weeks each. By the end of the third level, students are well prepared to enter a keyboard/piano music program. Sunrise also prepares students to study other instruments because it provides a solid introduction to the fundamentals of all music: rhythm and pitch pattern recognition.

Each student receives a music kit containing a book & CD, finger puppet, and rhythm instrument. Please bring your music kit to class every week in your Sunrise backpack, including the crafts we make in class. Ask the teacher if you need a backpack – each student is supplied with one at the beginning of the music year. Replacement backpacks can be purchased for $11 each.

Keep this letter – it contains the class schedule of dates (see page 2), as well as contact information. 

Classes start on time. If the door is closed, that means class has started. Please enter quietly and join the group. 

Parents, you are a valued part of the class. Your enthusiasm provides an excellent example for your child and will help encourage them to participate! Do not be concerned if your child is shy at first. Many kids like to watch what’s going on before joining in. Even if your child is not singing, they are still listening and learning. Please join the teacher in the songs and activities and your child will soon follow your example.
Schedule for Fall Session 2016 – Sunrise classes

Sept 24 – lesson #1

Oct 1st – lesson #2 (change to original schedule)

Oct 8th – no class (holiday weekend, many families away)

Oct 15th – lesson #3

Oct 22nd – no classes

Oct 29th – lesson #4

Nov 5th – lesson #5

Nov 12th – lesson #6

Nov 19th – lesson #7

Nov 26th – lesson #8

Dec 3rd – lesson #9

Dec 10th – lesson #10
Sunrise 1: 9am

Sunrise 2: 10am

Saturday mornings at Castlegar Recreation Complex

Columbia Room

Sept-Dec 2016.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email or phone or speak with me after class.

Sincerely yours,

Gwen Higgins, MYC Teacher

For more information about our music programs, visit:

Email: Cell phone: 250-304-8921


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