Studio News, September 2016

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, and now you’re settled into the school routine. Here are some updates from the studio.

Registration Fees and Invoices

Your first invoice will include the cost of books and supplies (if required), plus one month of lessons. For MYC students, the cost also includes registration fees and a music bag & rhythm instrument. Invoices are payable by credit card (online) or by cheque or cash. 

Spaces Available

There are a few spaces left in the MYC classes. Each class needs at least 3 students in order to go ahead. Don’t wait – sign up today! Contact me for more info. If you are interested in Sunshine 1 for 3-4 year olds, or Sunbeams 1 for 5-6 year olds, please contact me.

Upcoming Dates

Week of September 19th: lessons start

September 24th: Sunrise classes start at the Castlegar complex

September 27th & 28th: lessons cancelled (Gwen in Vancouver)

October 1st: no lessons (Gwen at MYC conference)

September 30th: last day to register for MYC classes

November 1st: deadline to register for Royal Conservatory Dec/Jan exam session


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